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Shipping nation wide

Naturally preserved roses from Ecuador

Preserved Roses

Shipping nation wide

What our customers think

The roses are simply stunning! Not only are they visually beautiful, but they also have excellent longevity, lasting well beyond just a few days. We are
thoroughly impressed and will definitely be purchasing more roses in the future.

Jane Doe

I have to admit, I was initially
hesitant about this bouquet, but after having it for six months now, I am thoroughly impressed. The flowers remain beautiful and their longevity is truly remarkable. Highly recommended.

Grace Smith

This was my first time purchasing these roses, and I couldn't be more thrilled! The customer service was top-notch, with prompt shipping and attention to detail. Thank you for an enjoyable experience.

Kristina Watson

Who We Are

My love story started in 2010 when an international student from Ecuador fell in love with an international student from Japan while attending college in Missouri. As in any relationship, we had ups and downs, but roses were always involved in the equation. Now with these beautiful roses that last for 12 months or more, we can take a peek at our living room for memories.

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What We Do

We offer full-size, luxury roses in full color and bloom. Our roses are brought in directly from the gorgeous sun-kissed fields of Ecuador's most exquisite mountain ranges, and they bring a little bit of that magic with them wherever they go. They're massive, they're luxurious, and they're naturally preserved so that they share their beauty for up to three years. Why settle for less than the best? Order your bouquet today. 

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